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What should I expect from PRP in Natick?

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is an in-demand cosmetic treatment, popularized by celebrities and discussed widely on social media sites. PRP treatment has multiple uses in both the medical and cosmetic industries. As a medical therapy, PRP can be used to treat injuries, such as sprains and tendinitis in high-level athletes. While in the cosmetic industry, PRP can improve the tone of texture of your skin, stimulate collagen production and promote hair growth.

PRP therapy harnesses the healing and rejuvenating properties of your own blood. Liquid plasma forms the majority of our blood, with the rest being made up of rich components, such as red and white blood cells and platelets. Platelets help your body to form clots to stop bleeding and also contain proteins called growth factors, which stimulate healing.

PRP therapy separates the platelet-rich part of your blood from the other components. Initially, your doctor will draw a small sample of blood from your arm, just like when you attend for a standard blood test. Your doctor will then spin this sample down in a centrifuge to separate out all of the components.

What happens next is up to you. Some patients choose to have the PRP solution injected directly into the targeted treatment areas, others choose to combine their PRP therapy with microneedling for enhanced results. If you do choose to combine PRP with microneedling, your doctor will use a microneedling device to form tiny puncture wounds over your skin, then apply the PRP solution over the top.

If you are having PRP treatment to stimulate hair growth, your doctor will inject the PRP solution directly into your scalp, at the base of the hair follicles.

After your treatment, your skin is likely to be red and may feel a bit tight or sore, similar to the feeling of sunburn. The redness should improve within 24 hours but may last for a couple of days. Some patients experience superficial flaking after about a week. You should start to notice visible results after about 1-2 weeks – and you won’t be disappointed!

As PRP is an entirely natural substance, derived from your own blood, it is unlikely that you will experience any adverse effects or allergic reactions after your treatment. PRP therapy is considered to be a very safe treatment, which requires no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities straight away.

Are you wondering what you should expect from your PRP treatment in Boston? Here, we discuss what happens during PRP in Natick

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What is PRP treatment good for?

If you have a particular skin issue that is really bothering you, chances are that PRP therapy can help you in some way.

If you are concerned that your face is showing the tell-tale signs of aging, then PRP is the perfect choice as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, helping to tighten and thicken thinning skin. It can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plump up sagging skin and even out skin tone. PRP in Natick can also help to remove under eye circles and bags.

PRP treatment is particularly good for patients with acne or rosacea as it can help to improve scarring. Growth factors within the PRP solution help to regenerate new blood vessels and repair damaged tissue. At the site of scar tissue, PRP injections stimulate connective tissue cells (fibroblasts) and epidermal cells (keratinocytes) which increase localised collagen production. Collagen replaces the damaged scar tissue, resulting in smoother skin.

Many patients turn to PRP treatment to help them with their hair loss, including those with androgenic alopecia, or male/female pattern baldness. PRP can help to promote hair growth by prolonging the period of time that your hair follicles stay in the growth phase of the hair cycle. The result is thicker and stronger hair – perfect!

How much does PRP treatment cost?

The cost of PRP treatment can vary a lot depending upon the areas that you wish to get treated, your treatment goals and the clinic that you attend. Having your treatment performed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor will cost you more money, but the fantastic results that you achieve will justify the extra costs.

To get an accurate cost for your PRP therapy, you should make an appointment for an initial consultation with your PRP doctor. 

Is PRP treatment really effective?

A completely natural, minimally invasive procedure, which can rejuvenate and revitalise your skin and cure your thinning hair may seem too good to be true – but it’s not! In fact, many experts believe that PRP therapy is a superior alternative to other, similar cosmetic treatments.

Plenty of clinical studies demonstrate the effectiveness of PRP therapy as a skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment. Likewise, a quick search of the internet will leave you inundated with positive PRP reviews from satisfied patients.

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