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How can you find a top Medical spa for PRP Plasma Therapy in Boston?

You may have read a lot about Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy recently and are considering it as an effective way of rejuvenating your skin or improving the appearance of your bothersome hair loss. However, before you commit to your treatment, you are probably keen to find out more about PRP therapy and how to find the best medical spa for your procedure. This article will discuss this in more detail to ensure that you are confident in making the right decision.

When choosing a top medical spa, the most important consideration is the quality of the doctors working there. You will achieve the best results by opting for a MedSpa which has highly qualified and skilled, board certified doctors. Your chosen doctor should have extensive experience in performing PRP therapy and a friendly and approachable manner. It is important that you feel confident to ask any questions that you may have and that your doctor answers these in an insightful way. The best medical spas in Boston, such as Evolution MedSpa, will offer the very latest in technology and equipment in a relaxing and clean environment.

The best way to start your search for a top medical spa offering PRP plasma therapy in the Boston area, is to conduct a quick online search. Once you have created a shortlist of good Medspas, you can look at their individual websites to check out the credentials of their doctors and the facilities that they offer. It is also worthwhile reading through their online patient reviews and testimonials.

Are you wondering where you can get PRP Plasma Treatment in Boston? You may also want to find out what PRP Plasma Therapy is and why it is so effective. The experts from a top Boston Medical Spa answer your questions in this article

What is PRP Plasma Therapy?

So, what exactly is PRP therapy? PRP is an innovative cosmetic treatment which uses your body’s natural healing potential to rejuvenate your skin and treat a wide variety of issues, including hair loss.

PRP is a type of collagen induction therapy (CIT) which encourages healing and new growth, while reducing inflammation, using platelets and growth factors naturally found in your own blood. PRP therapy can smooth out the texture of your skin and reduce visible signs of aging.

PRP treatment in a top medical spa is typically used to treat a range of conditions and ailments. As well as PRP hair loss therapy, PRP injections can be administered to improve the condition of the skin in the following areas:

  • Mouth
  • Eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Jawline
  • Neck

How does PRP therapy work and what makes it so effective?

What makes PRP such an effective treatment? PRP therapy takes advantage of your body’s natural capacity for regeneration. Platelets are able to accelerate the healing of your body, while growth factors work to rebuild damaged or injured tissue. PRP injections can help to reduce inflammation, build new tissue and regenerate blood vessels. PRP therapy also stimulates your body’s production of collagen and elastin. These proteins work to thicken and tighten aging skin, improving both its texture and tone.

 As PRP injections are formulated from your body’s own cells and proteins, side effects and complications from the treatment are rare.

How much does PRP Plasma therapy cost at a Boston MedSpa?

The cost of your PRP treatment will vary depending upon where you are located, the expertise of your chosen doctor and how many treatment sessions you require to achieve your goals. This is best discussed with your doctor at an initial consultation appointment. He or she will evaluate your individual case, making detailed notes of your medical history and what you hope to achieve. Together, you will work with your doctor to produce a personalized treatment plan and they will then provide you with an accurate expectation of how much money you can expect to pay.

 What happens during your PRP treatment?

Your PRP therapy session will begin with your doctor drawing a vial of blood from your arm. This blood is then spun down in a centrifuge to extract the platelets and growth factors from the red blood cells. This solution of ‘platelet rich plasma’ is then injected into your targeted treatment area.

The entire procedure should only take around 20 minutes and you will be able to get back to your normal daily activities straight after your treatment. PRP therapy does not require the use of any anesthesia, but your doctor may offer you a localized numbing cream if you would prefer this.

 How long does it take to see results after PRP treatment?

It will take time to see the results of your PRP treatment as your body’s healing properties gradually ramp up, so it is important to be patient – it will definitely be worth the wait! You may start to see results appearing in as little as 3 weeks. However, the optimal results of your PRP therapy probably won’t be visible until 4-7 weeks after your first treatment session.

The results of PRP therapy are not permanent, they last around 18 months. This means that you will need to have regular PRP maintenance injections to maintain your incredible results.

Surgery may offer quicker results but PRP therapy is easier, causes minimal pain and discomfort and requires no downtime. It’s clear why more people are turning to this innovative, minimally invasive treatment to obtain great results!

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Evolution MedSpa is one of the best Medical Spas in Boston. It is located in the Natick area and offers PRP therapy as well as a large selection of other minimally invasive cosmetic treatments. All treatments are carried out by our Harvard trained, board certified doctors, Dr. Eric Cappiello and Dr. Mariam Cappiello. Drs. Cappiello have vast experience and offer a high level of compassionate and patient centered care.

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