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While Botox is becoming an increasingly accepted method to push ageing away, it is wise to remember that this is a medical procedure, and your chances of best results lie in the hands of experienced medical professionals.   

Choose a MedSpa for high quality botox treatment 

Today, Botox injections are everywhere – from that cosmetic center down the road to an exclusive, expensive plastic surgeon clinic. Where then, is the ideal place to get treated? One answer: a MedSpa.

A MedSpa is a medical facility that offers a spa ambience 

Botox is a medical procedure, and you should always get it done at a registered medical facility, and not any beauty spa. MedSpas, however, offer a relaxed ambience, and help you enjoy the experience of pampering yourself at the same time! MedSpas only focus on minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and typically do not perform surgery, so this is a great way to receive medical treatment without breaking the bank.

For optimal results from Botox, it is essential to choose a provider with expertise, skill and experience. At Evolution MedSpa, you can receive treatment from a top Botox doctor in Natick.

A MedSpa is usually run by a doctor

Ideally, you should visit a MedSpa where a trained medicine physician consults with all patients, and performs all procedures. Your physician should be board certified in esthetic medicine, and have adequate experience in performing botox injections for your specific needs. An experienced doctor will know the right amount of Botox and the right areas that need to be treated – giving your face a rested, more natural look, as opposed to the ‘frozen face’ that we all worry about.

The doctor can help you decide what you need 

While most people seek Botox as the go-to treatment for wrinkles and ageing, the truth is, this may not be the best treatment for everyone. Botox only helps with ‘dynamic’ wrinkles – wrinkles that are caused by frowning or crinkling your eyes too much, for instance. Wrinkles caused by sun damage, which may appear as deeper furrows on your face may require treatment with dermal fillers. Again, fine lines that aren’t ‘dynamic’ may be better treated by other methods, like laser, or microneedling. A doctor who works on a daily basis in a MedSpa literally becomes a wrinkle expert – and can tell you what anti aging treatment would best be suited for you. 

How botox works 

Botox is a chemical that blocks nerve signals. Muscles usually contract when they receive nerve signals. When botox is injected, since these signals are blocked, the muscle cannot contract and becomes ‘paralyzed’. Dynamic wrinkles are usually caused by excessive muscle contraction. When muscles become paralyzed, these wrinkles soften and make the face look younger and smoother. 

The Botox procedure 

The actual procedure takes less than ten minutes. Essentially, the esthetic physician marks out the areas of your face that need treatment. They then administer botox in the marked areas, using tiny needles. Since the needles are so small, the procedure barely causes any discomfort – at the worst, it may feel like an ant bite. Botox injections do not require prior administration of any anesthetic. If you are highly nervous about the procedure, the botox doctor may prescribe an anxiety reducing medication for you to take before the procedure.

Remember that it is important to stop alcohol, aspirin, and any other painkiller at least one week before the procedure. This will help minimize bruising after the procedure. 

Botox aftercare 

The Botox procedure does not really require any ‘downtime’ – you can get back to work right away. Botox doctors do stress, however, that it is important to remain upright for at least four hours after treatment. Lying down can cause the medicine to spread out and diffuse into other muscles, increasing your chances of developing a ‘frozen face’ and blunting the results in the areas where it is needed. For the same reason, it is important to avoid rubbing your face, or having facials. Avoid strenuous exercise for up to 12 hours after treatment.

The risk of side effects is very minimal if you have received treatment from an experienced practitioner. However, if you have sensitive skin, you may experience some swelling or bruising in the area of skin which was injected. Another uncommon side effect is a headache, which is soon relieved with standard over the counter medication.   

When you can expect results

You will start to see results from Botox injections only after 3 to 4 days, and it can take 14 days for the full effect to be visible. Keep in mind that Botox treatments are not permanent; the blocking of nerve signals is temporary, and eventually, the paralyzed muscles begin functioning again. You will probably see visible results for 3 to 6 month. Many people take advantage of a long-term botox care regime, where injections are repeated at regular intervals to maintain optimal results. 

Evolution MedSpa: Get personalized, top-quality Botox Treatment in Boston

Wondering where to find a top Botox Doctor in Natick? You can book an initial consultation at the Evolution MedSpa today. Our Botox specialists, Dr. Mary Cappiello and Dr. Eric Cappiello, who trained at Harvard University, are board-certified in Esthetic Medicine. They are committed to helping all our patients achieve natural beauty through tailored treatment plans, one on one consultations, and cutting edge treatment solutions.