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What is the average cost of CoolSculpting? Find out from the experts at a top Boston Medical Spa

Are you keen to find out how much CoolSculpting treatment costs? The average cost of CoolSculpting varies greatly between patients and is dependent on many different factors.

So what exactly affects the cost of CoolSculpting? The area of your body that you wish to have treated probably has the greatest effect on price. Obviously, the larger the area, the greater the cost! Also, each area counts as one individual treatment, so if you choose to have both of your thighs treated, then you will pay 2 treatment costs, one for each thigh. The total price will also depend on how many treatment cycles that you need to obtain your desired results.

Having your treatment performed by an experienced and skilled doctor, within a well respected Medical Spa will also set you back more. While it may be tempting to take advantage of providers offering cheap deals, you will obtain the best results by choosing a reputable and qualified practitioner. At a top Medical Spa in Boston, CoolSculpting prices typically start at around $750.

You can give our expert doctors here at Evolution MedSpa Boston a call today to book an initial consultation. At this consultation, our doctors will discuss CoolSculpting with you in detail and help you to decide if it is the right treatment for you. If you are a suitable candidate then they will formulate an individual treatment programme for you and provide you with an accurate cost. They will also discuss suitable finance options with you.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is an innovative and FDA-approved cosmetic procedure which helps to reduce stubborn areas of fat.

CoolSculpting is an innovative and FDA-approved cosmetic procedure which helps to reduce stubborn areas of fat. CoolSculpting is particularly useful at targeting fat that will not shift despite you eating healthily and getting plenty of exercise.

CoolSculpting is a brand name for a cryolipolysis procedure, which uses a controlled cooling method to freeze fat cells. This specifically targets treated fat cells, leaving any surrounding tissue unaffected. Freezing damages the fat cells and your body’s natural elimination processes then remove and excrete these. Therefore, your problematic areas of fat will be permanently shrunk.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, yet highly effective alternative to liposuction. As it specifically targets your stubborn fat zones, there is no downtime and side effects after treatment are rare. Although some patients do report experiencing itching or skin sensitivity at the treated area for a few days after the procedure.

You can easily fit CoolSculpting treatment into your busy schedule, for example, you could have the procedure carried out during your lunch hour and be straight back to your desk afterward. The procedure itself usually takes around an hour.

CoolSculpting treatment reviews: Does CoolSculpting really work?

Is CoolSculpting really an effective way to reduce those problematic areas of fat that have been bothering you? The short answer is yes! CoolSculpting can provide you with permanent results, giving a 20-25% fat reduction of your treated area.

A quick search online will bring up many CoolSculpting reviews from patients who are very happy with the results that CoolSculpting has given them. CoolSculpting is fast gaining in popularity as a fat reduction procedure which is safe yet effective and has a reasonable price tag. If you want to see for yourself just how effective it can be, then have a quick search for CoolSculpting before and after images, these really showcase the amazing and long-lasting results that you can expect from the treatment.

CoolSculpting treatment can help you to reduce fat in the following areas of your body:

  • Upper arms
  • Outer and inner thighs
  • Back
  • Flanks
  • Abdomen

Am I a suitable candidate for CoolSculpting treatment?

Are you wondering if CoolSculpting is the right choice for you? CoolSculpting is most suitable for patients who are not far off their ideal weight (typically within 20 to 30 pounds of your goal weight). This is because CoolSculpting does not help with weight loss as such, instead it helps to sculpt your body and lose inches. This will boost your confidence in the way your look and allow your clothes to fit better.

People with certain conditions should not receive CoolSculpting treatment. These conditions include:

  • Pregnancy
  • Cryoglobulinemia
  • Cold agglutinin disease
  • Paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria
  • Reynaud’s disease
  • Certain nerve conditions, such as diabetic neuropathy

How many CoolSculpting treatments will I need?

It is difficult to say for certain how many fat-freezing treatments you will need. This is something that you can discuss further with our highly experienced doctors at your initial consultation. The amount of treatments that it will take to achieve your desired results will depend upon how your body responds to the procedure, your personal expectations and how effectively you commit to healthy lifestyle modifications.

Usually, patients are offered between one and three treatments for each problem area. Some patients experience dramatic results after just one treatment and therefore do not need any further treatments. Although you may wish to have a second or third treatment to boost your results.

Is CoolSculpting permanent?

Fat freezing procedure destroys fat cells and these are then eliminated from the body, the results that you obtain with CoolSculpting are permanent.

As this fat freezing procedure destroys fat cells and these are then eliminated from the body, the results that you obtain with CoolSculpting are permanent. You will get the most from your treatment if you are committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating well. This will help to avoid you gaining excess weight and to ensure that your results are long-lasting.

You will not see the results of your treatment straight away, so it is important to be patient after your procedure. It takes a while for your body to naturally process and remove your destroyed fat cells. The initial results of your treatment should be visible after around three weeks. It can take up to six months to see the maximum effects. This slow reduction in fat also helps the results to appear more natural.

CoolSculpting treatment in the Boston area

If you live in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts or in the Boston Metro area and are interested in CoolSculpting treatment then give Evolution MedSpa Boston a call to book an initial consultation. Our friendly and highly skilled doctors will be able to guide you through the entire process and get you the amazing results that you are longing for.