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How does the Emsculpt treatment work? 

Before we get into the benefits of Emsculpt, though, it may be beneficial to understand how exactly the device works. The Emsculpt device is basically a tiny MRI machine, and it works through generating high-intensity, focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM). This intense energy stimulates muscle contractions – just like a normal exercise workout – but at a frequency and intensity that you would never achieve through normal exercise. When you use Emsculpt for the abdominal region, for example, you achieve 20,000 high-intensity contractions in 30 minutes – that is the equivalent of 20,000 situps! Because it works just like exercise would, this non-invasive body sculpting technique gives you completely natural-looking results – similar to what you could expect from six months of disciplined workout. If this is not convincing enough, look at the five top reasons people choose to visit an Emsculpt doctor!

Reason 1: To achieve a sculpted figure

No matter how much we exercise, there are always a couple of muscles that refuse to firm up. This is especially true if you have had a couple of children and your abdominal muscles have become loose and saggy. With Emsculpt, however, you can bring firmness and definition back into saggy muscles. Studies show that a normal workout only activates about 50% of muscle fibers at a time; with Emsculpt, 100% of your muscle fibers are getting activated, and at a much higher frequency. This will help bring out muscle tone and definition – helping you achieve that sculpted look. 

Emsculpt is an advanced, FDA approved body sculpting procedure that offers fantastic esthetic results! Visit an Emsculpt doctor near you today to experience several health benefits and meet your fitness goals.

Reason 2: Better muscle mass

We all know that strength training improves muscle mass. Emsculpt is the equivalent of really intense strength training, and it helps build muscle and increase muscle mass. You can increase your muscle mass and tone by about 16% with a single Emsculpt session. Increased muscle mass improves your fitness level in general, and also promotes bone health. This is especially important in women approaching middle age, who can be at greater risk of developing bone and joint problems. 

Reason 3: Better strength for next level exercise

Some people may prefer to stick with their regular exercise routine to achieve results. While there is nothing wrong with this, you may often find yourself reaching a ‘fitness plateau’ where you find it difficult to advance to the next level. This is especially common with certain yoga and pilates regimens. However, regular Emsculpt treatment sessions can help improve your muscle strength at its core – making the next level of exercise easier and more achievable for you!

Reason 4: Lose the fat!

While Emsculpt primarily targets muscle tissue, it also blasts fat away. During the intense workout, the muscles generate heat and certain chemicals, which break down fatty acids. The net result is a visible decrease in fat over the affected region. Patients have noted up to 19% reduction in fat in the target areas that were treated. Be aware, however, that excessive fat in the treatment area can actually impair the performance of the Emsculpt device, as fat can act as a barrier between the electromagnetic source and muscle. Therefore, if you have excess fat, you can either opt to reduce it naturally prior to treatment, or try CoolSculpt – another body sculpting technology that exclusively targets fat cells using freezing technology. 

Reason 5: Promote well-being through core muscle strength

Emsculpt treatment strengthens the core muscles in the pelvis and abdomen. Increasing core muscle strength improves your daily functioning in general, by improving posture, making everyday tasks easier, and eliminating back pain.  Improved pelvic core strength can reduce urinary incontinence, prevent pelvic prolapse and even improve your sexual stamina. Unlike regular exercise, which can put you at risk of injury if you overdo it, Emsculpt provides all these benefits at low risk of injury, and in a much faster time frame! 

How to decide if you are a good candidate for Emsculpt? 

Emsculpt is usually appropriate for most adult patients, both men and women. If you are reasonably close to your goal weight, do not have a lot of flab overlying your muscle, and your primary objective is to achieve a fit, toned body – Emsculpt sessions are right for you. However, this cannot help you achieve weight loss, or lose a significant amount of fat.

There are specific instances in which you must avoid Emsculpt treatment. If you are pregnant, have heart problems, or suffer from seizures, you must avoid Emsculpt. This is also strictly forbidden if you have implanted metal prostheses, a pacemaker, or an implantable defibrillator – all these can malfunction and put your life at risk in the presence of high intensity electromagnetic energy.

Before going ahead with an Emsculpt session, it is mandatory to have a consultation with an experienced esthetic medicine specialist, who will help you determine whether Emsculpt is right for you, and whether you are medically fit for the procedure. 

Evolution MedSpa Boston: Consult with a top Emsculpt Doctor 

Dr. Eric Cappiello and Dr. Mary Cappiello, our Harvard-trained, board-certified esthetic medicine specialists at Evolution MedSpa, are highly experienced in Emsculpt treatment procedures. To consult with them about Emsculpt treatment, you can call 617-915-2055 or book an appointment online.