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Modern non-invasive body sculpting procedures such as Emsculpt have finally put that dream body within reach. You are reasonably sure that you want to go ahead with the Emsculpt treatment regime, but how do you know where to go? Be sure to follow the following steps! 

1. Search for a reputed MedSpa

Even though Emsculpt is non-invasive, and is considered by many to be a ‘cosmetic’ treatment, make no mistake – this is a medical procedure. As such, you cannot just go into any beauty Spa and get it done – it has to be performed only within a registered medical facility. That said, you may not be comfortable with the sterile environment of a doctor’s office or a hospital setup, especially if you need to have multiple sessions. A MedSpa is the perfect balance between the two! MedSpas are necessarily registered medical facilities, but they offer the typical, casual ‘spa’ environment, where the focus is on making you and your body look good and feel good. Each MedSpa offers a unique range of esthetic medical services, and you may need to specifically look for a MedSpa that offers Emsculpt as part of its procedures.   

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2. Check that the MedSpa is run by a trained Esthetic physician

As a medical facility, MedSpa must be under the supervision of a trained esthetic Medicine specialist. While a technician may be allowed to perform the actual procedure under close supervision, it is essential that you have an initial medical consultation with the supervising physician to ensure that you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. Emsculpt does have certain medical contraindications; for instance, if you suffer from heart problems or seizures, the procedure could carry certain risks. If a board-certified physician clears you for the procedure and is available to check on you at all times during and after the procedure, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

3. Ensure that your MedSpa has a variety of procedures to choose from 

You may have researched the procedure thoroughly beforehand, but after consulting with your physician, it is quite likely that Emsculpt may not be deemed the best procedure for you. If your MedSpa offers a variety of procedures, your esthetic medicine specialist will be more inclined to offer you the best procedure that is likely to suit your body. For example, if your body would benefit more from losing fat pockets,as opposed to increasing muscle tone or building muscle, you may be offered the CoolSculpt procedure, which would be more effective. Sometimes, a combination of different procedures may actually produce the eBay results. 

4. Check out their treatment portfolio 

Any reputed MedSpa has a website where they showcase before/after pictures of cases. Before you settle on a MedSpa, look at these pictures – they will give you a realistic picture of what you can expect! Based on these results, you will be able to decide with your physician on the ideal number of treatment sessions, and the time gap between each session.  Apart from treatment pictures on the website, look at patient testimonials – both on the MedSpa site and other sites like Facebook, Yelp and others that would give you an unbiased view of patient experiences there.

5. Set up a consultation! 

Have you decided on a MedSpa using the above information? Don’t delay – set up an appointment as soon as you can! Waiting for only increases doubts, and through an initial consultation with an esthetic medicine specialist, you will gain a much clearer view of the way forward. After the initial consultation, your actual treatment procedure can be scheduled at a time that is more comfortable for you! 

What to expect during the Emsculpt treatment process 

When you decide to get Emsculpt, your doctor will probably schedule you for the most optimal treatment regime – at least four 30-minute sessions spaced once or twice a week. What can you expect through the course of your Emsculpt treatment?

Before treatment: There is no special preparation required, such as fasting or resting. You pretty much just walk in a few minutes ahead of your appointment!

During treatment: You will be asked to lie down on the procedure table. The device is strapped to the target area of your body – usually the abdomen or buttocks. The doctor then starts the device at a low power intensity, and gradually increases the power. You may feel a tingling or vibrating sensation as the electromagnetic energy initiates muscle contractions. Between cycles on contractions, the device switches to a tapping rhythm, which helps break down and clear toxins that are released during the intense muscle contractions. Patients usually experience only minimal discomfort, and most patients actually find the whole process relaxing.

After treatment: Just like after an intense workout session, you may experience some degree of muscle soreness after the procedure. There are no major adverse effects. You may want to just rest a bit and avoid strenuous work after the procedure. With the later sessions, the soreness decreases as your muscles get used to the ‘workout’ and become stronger.

Evolution MedSpa Natick: Helping you achieve your dream sculpted body 

Evolution MedSpa, located in Natick, offers Emsculpt and a variety of other body sculpting procedures to help you achieve that toned figure you have always dreamed of. Our Harvard-trained esthetic medicine specialists, Dr. Eric Cappiello and Dr. Mary Cappiello are waiting to consult with you and work on your tailored treatment plan! To schedule a consultation, you can call 617-915-2055 or book an appointment online.