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What are the top 10 benefits of IV hydration in Natick?

The importance of drinking plenty of water and making sure that you remain adequately hydrated has probably been ingrained in you since you were a small child. Drinking plenty of water is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle, however there is now another, more effective option for boosting your fluids – IV hydration therapy. By delivering fluids and vital nutrients into the body via the intravenous route, IV hydration treatment ensures quick and complete absorption of customized infusions. Increasing numbers of health-conscious patients are turning to IV hydration treatment to rehydrate their bodies and deliver essential vitamins and minerals directly into their bloodstream.

So, what are the top 10 benefits that IV hydration treatment can offer you?

  1. Efficient absorption of fluids – orally ingested fluids must pass through the digestive system, where a large percentage are locally absorbed. This leaves a shortage of vital fluids for the other tissues of your body. IV fluids are delivered directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to be transported straight to where they are needed.
  2. Delivery of essential electrolytes and nutrients– lengthy illnesses, excessive drinking sessions, jet lag and intense workout sessions can all lead to depleted nutrients and electrolytes. IV hydration therapy allows you to replenish these lost nutrients quickly and efficiently.
  3. Easy on your digestive system– often, when you drink large amounts of fluids, you overwhelm your digestive system, leaving you feel nauseous, with a bloated and sore tummy. IV hydration, on the other hand, is much easier on your stomach.
  4. Quick recovery– IV hydration allows your body to recover quickly due to its efficient absorption.
  5. IV hydration therapy can be customized to address your specific needs – your doctor can tailor your IV infusion to address your individual health and beauty needs, providing you with the perfect blend of fluids, nutrients and electrolytes to leave you feeling your very best.
  6. Boosts your immune system– maintaining a healthy immune system is more important than ever at the moment. IV hydration can provide your body with plenty of immune-boosting compounds to help fight off unwanted pathogens, keeping you as healthy as possible.
  7. Improves your cognitive function– dehydration causes your brain to slow down, by rehydrating your body, IV hydration will improve your cognitive function, helping you to think quickly and clearly.
  8. Flushes harmful toxins from your body– by flushing out the toxins that have naturally built up in your body, IV infusions help to keep your vital organs functioning efficiently.
  9. Give you glowing skin and hair– IV hydration helps you to look, as well as feel, your best. Dehydration can be most evident in the condition of your skin and hair. By ensuring adequate hydration and nutrient levels, IV hydration therapy leaves you with a glowing complexion and shiny, healthy-looking hair. Many patients choose to schedule their treatment just before a big event so that they are looking their very best for their big day.
  10. Improve your muscle health– as our bodies are made up of between 55% and 60% water, dehydration can really affect the way we feel. Receiving IV hydration therapy after an intense workout can aid muscle recovery and prevent soreness.

Are you wondering what are the benefits of IV Hydration in Natick? In this article, experts from a top Boston Medical Spa discuss how IV hydration therapy can leave you feeling as good as new!

Are you a good candidate for IV hydration in Natick?

Are you wondering whether you are a good candidate for IV hydration in Natick? Are you unsure if you are getting enough fluids to keep your body adequately hydrated? Taking in enough water to stay healthy, both in body and mind, can prove to be difficult, especially when we are faced with a bout of the flu or have just got off a long-haul flight. If you are struggling to meet your fluid needs, then IV hydration can help you. Patients who are good candidates for IV infusion, include those:

  • Recovering from a lengthy illness
  • Suffering from hangover symptoms after a heavy night
  • Suffering from jet lag
  • Whose immune system needs a boost
  • Dealing with low energy levels
  • Who take part in intense exercise sessions
  • Who have lost excessive fluids and electrolytes from a bout of vomiting or diarrhea
  • Suffering from dry skin, brittle nails and hair loss

Regular IV infusions can be used to improve the symptoms associated with chronic conditions, including chronic fatigue syndrome or migraines. Although the vast majority of patients will benefit from IV hydration, those with congestive heart failure or kidney disease should avoid this treatment. Be sure to talk to your doctor about your eligibility for treatment at your initial consultation appointment. 

Is IV hydration treatment safe?

With so many benefits to IV hydration in Natick, you are probably wondering what the risks are, if any? Whenever you have an IV cannula inserted, there is a risk for infection, although a highly trained and experienced doctor will know how to minimize this risk. You may also experience some discomfort, swelling or bruising at the site of your cannula, although, if you do experience this, it will only last for a few days.

If you have any preexisting medical conditions then make sure you discuss these with your doctor at your initial consultation to avoid any complications. As with any treatment, opting to have your procedure carried out by a qualified medical professional will ensure that you are in the safest possible hands. 

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At Evolution MedSpa Boston, our board-certified, Harvard trained physicians are experienced at providing IV hydration therapy to patients with a wide variety of treatment goals. Dr. Eric Cappiello and Dr. Mariam Cappiello welcome patients to their Natick-based medical spa and make sure they leave feeling and looking their very best.

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