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How much is microneedling for cosmetic issues including stretch marks and acne scars?

Firstly, what exactly is microneedling treatment? Microneedling, sometimes called skin needling, is an innovative cosmetic treatment which uses a specialised microneedle roller consisting of micro-fine needles to create microscopic punctures on the surface of the skin. Healing of these micro injuries increases the production of collagen, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and other skin imperfections, such as acne scarring. Microneedling benefits also include helping to enhance the absorption of your other skincare products, increasing their efficacy. Treatment usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes, so it can easily fit into your busy schedule!

Are you considering having microneedling treatment? Are you keen to find out if the price of microneedling is actually worth it? Find out more about this innovative treatment from the expert doctors at Boston’s best Medical Spa.

Microneedling can be performed by a medical professional at a MedSpa, but you can also do the microneedling procedure yourself at home. So how much does it cost to get microneedling performed by a professional and is it worth it?

You can expect to pay between $300 and $500 for each professional microneedling treatment session. You will probably need between 4 and 6 treatments to achieve your desired results, depending upon the condition of your skin and what you hope to achieve.

Going to a professional will ensure that you get the best results with lowered risk. Microneedling pens used in a clinic setting are able to go deeper into the skin, meaning they are likely to be much more effective than those used for DIY treatment. It can also be quite difficult to master the art of microneedling, so if you are unsure about how to use a derma-roller, then it may be worthwhile leaving it to the professionals!

SkinPen Precision is an example of a FDA-approved microneedling device commonly used by medical professionals.

It is important to choose your treatment provider carefully. You may wish to start by searching online for “microneedling near me”. Your chosen medical practitioner should be able to show you reviews from previous patients or before and after microneedling pictures, to give you an idea of the kind of results that you can expect from them.

Does microneedling help acne?

One of the reasons patients seek microneedling treatment is to improve the appearance of their acne scarring. But can microneedling really help with this? The answer is yes. Microneedling will be most effective if you have acne scars which are depressed, not raised. This is because the increase in collagen caused by the treatment will help to level out the scar tissue. Unlike a lot of other cosmetic treatments, microneedling is suitable for all skin types.

Is microneedling for acne scars permanent?

Repeated microneedling treatments lead to the formation of new collagen fibres, which cause skin to be smoother, stronger and tighter than before. This means that microneedling can result in a permanent reduction in the appearance of acne scars, particularly pitted scars. Following a good maintenance programme after your treatment, can help to ensure that your results are long-lasting. Combining microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment can increase its effectiveness at treating troublesome acne scarring. Most MedSpas offer these treatments in combination with one another, so ask your practitioner to see if you may benefit from this.

Derma-roller treatment for spider veins

Spider veins are groups of very small blood vessels which are close to the surface of the skin. They are typically blue, red or purple in appearance and are named because they look similar to a spiders web. Spider veins are not usually painful but can be very bothersome due to their unsightly appearance.

Derma-roller treatment, another name for microneedling, can also be used as an effective treatment for stubborn spider veins or broken blood vessels. In fact, derma-rolling can help to break up your broken blood vessels and even out your skin tone, both of which will help to minimise the appearance of your spider veins.

Can microneedling help with a sagging neck?

Loose, sagging skin around the neck can be very aging on your appearance. You may be keen to solve this cosmetic issue, without resorting to going under the plastic surgeon’s knife. Have you tried the latest neck-firming creams, skin-tightening exercises and the ‘miracle’ neck lift tape with no real improvement? If so, then microneedling may be the best way for you to get good anti-aging results with a minimally invasive treatment.

The increased collagen produced during healing from microneedling helps to improve both the texture and the tightness of your skin. This means that your loose neck skin will become firmer, leaving you looking younger and fresher! Depending on how severe the sagging of your neck skin is, you may need between 4 and 8 microneedling treatments to obtain the skin tightening results that you desire.

Can you use makeup after microneedling?

This is one of the most common questions that patients ask when coming in for microneedling treatment. It is obviously difficult to imagine having to leave off your trusty makeup for a while after your treatment. But do you really need to and, if so, how long for exactly?

Well for the first 24-48 hours, your skin is still healing from the micro injuries caused by your treatment. This means that you should avoid applying any makeup or skincare products during this time, to allow your skin to recover and heal effectively. After 48 hours you will be able to start using your makeup as usual once again.

Obviously, for some of us, not applying makeup for a few days could be a real issue. You should note that you may still wear makeup on areas of the face not affected by treatment, for example, using your favourite lip gloss or mascara. If it is totally unacceptable for you to not wear makeup when out and about, you may wish to book a few days off work and clear your social calendar, so that you don’t find yourself in any positions where you don’t feel your usual confident self.

What should you put on your face after microneedling?

So is there anything specific that you should be applying to your face after microneedling treatment to try and speed up the healing process and maximise your results? Well your skin may feel particularly tight after your treatment so experts typically recommend applying a hyaluronic acid serum or emollient for a few days to put some much needed moisture back into the skin. Then after a few days you can resume using your usual moisturiser.

For the first few days after your treatment, you should use a very gentle cleanser and tepid water to clean your face. It is important to ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean when touching your face, to minimise the risk of infection.

Is microneedling painful?

Most practitioners will apply a numbing cream to your skin before starting your treatment. This means that you should not experience any pain during your microneedling. Most patients report that they feel a sensation similar to sunburn, during and shortly after their treatment. If you do experience any discomfort, it will typically be mild and short-lived, lasting for only a few days.

If you are keen to give microneedling a try then contact Evolution MedSpa Boston today. You can book an initial consultation either on the phone or online. Here your treatment will be carried out by one of our Harvard-trained doctors, ensuring you get quality results and safe care.