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What is a Medical Spa? Get the lowdown from the experts at Boston’s best MedSpa

A medical spa combines together traditional spa treatments with medical cosmetic procedures. Here the doctors at a top MedSpa discuss the services that they offer in more detail.

What is the difference between a MedSpa and a day spa?

You may well have visited a day spa and indulged in the tranquility and beauty-boosting treatments that they offer, but have you ever set foot in a Medical Spa?

Medical Spas, also known as MedSpas or MediSpas, are increasing in popularity worldwide, but what exactly is the difference between a traditional day spa and a MedSpa? Well, there are actually several very distinct differences between the two.

Most importantly, the running of a Medical Spa is overseen by a licensed medical doctor who is able to provide a wide range of cosmetic treatments which are not available at standard day spas, such as botox and dermal fillers. Treatments offered at a MedSpa are either carried out by a medical doctor or under the close supervision of one. Reputable MedSpas also usually have access to the latest innovative technology so that they can offer their patients cutting edge treatments.

While day spas can offer you the chance for some pampering and relaxation, MedSpas can usually provide you with more drastic and longer-lasting results. One important point to note is that the treatments offered at MedSpas are noninvasive and non surgical, giving patients the option to drastically improve their appearance without going under the knife.

Medical Spas enable you to have more specialised medical procedures carried out, but still maintain the comfort and tranquility of a day spa facility.

How can you find good MedSpa?

A good Medical Spa will be run by a board certified doctor with extensive experience and knowledge of the treatments that they offer.

How can you go about finding a good MedSpa in your area? A good Medical Spa will be run by a board-certified doctor with extensive experience and knowledge of the treatments that they offer. It will also have access to all of the latest technology and be able to provide you with positive feedback as well as reassuring before and after pictures from previous patients.

If you are looking for a well respected Medical Spa with highly skilled and qualified doctors in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts or the Boston Metro area then give Evolution MedSpa Boston a call today to book your initial consultation. Our doctors will be more than happy to discuss your treatment options through in detail with you and to draw up an individual treatment plan. They can also show you their portfolio of before and after pictures, their amazing results speak for themselves!

What services can a Medispa offer you?

MedSpas can offer you a wide range of specialized treatments that can help to enhance your appearance and boost your self confidence. One of the key areas of treatment within a MedSpa is the skin. Whether you have unsightly scars or damage to your skin or you are keen to give your aging skin a more youthful glow, MedSpas can provide you with a wide range of options. Indeed, tackling visible signs of aging is one of the key goals of treatments within the Medical Spa setting.

Most MedSpas will offer neuromodulators, such as Botox, which can help to relax your facial muscles and banish fine lines and wrinkles. They also offer dermal filler injections which can help to plump up your skin and add volume. These types of injections are a very popular treatment choice as they are quick and simple, yet provide effective results.

Skincare options such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, and microneedling can help to smooth and refresh your dull and flaky complexion.

MedSpas are also able to offer targeted fat reduction therapies, such as CoolSculpting for fat across many areas of the body and Kybella to reduce fat under your chin and neck. These treatments use new technology to ensure only targeted fat cells are treated and the surrounding healthy tissue remains untouched.

Laser hair removal can also be carried out in the comfort of a Medical Spa setting. You don’t need to attend a doctor’s office to have laser hair removal carried out, but it does need to be performed with a qualified doctor present.

Who administers MedSpa treatments?

Treatments within a Medical Spa are usually administered by a board certified doctor. If a doctor will not be administering your treatment, then you can be rest assured that your procedure will be carried out by a medical professional under the close supervision of a qualified doctor.

As treatments carried out at a Medical Spa are considered to be medical procedures, then you must have a detailed in-person examination by a qualified doctor first. This is typically called an initial consultation and allows your doctor to collect all of the necessary information about you, such as a detailed medical history. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have and to ensure that you fully understand everything about your treatment and what you hope to achieve.

What are the benefits of going to a Medical Spa?

As MedSpas continue to soar in popularity, what are the key benefits of going to one?

  1. Medical expertise – when attending a MedSpa, you can be confident that your treatment provider will be a fully-certified, highly trained and experienced professional. This can help to ease your anxieties, knowing that you will be in safe hands and on track to achieve the best results possible
  2. Greater choice of treatments – MedSpas provide you with a lot more specialized treatment options than traditional day spas
  3. Advanced and innovative technology – this translates to the best results and the safest possible care
  4. Minimal downtime – all of the treatments offered at a MedSpa have minimal or no downtime
  5. Tranquil environment – despite the medical procedures on offer, Medical Spas manage to maintain the calming environment of a traditional day spa

So does this sound appealing to you? Are you ready to book your initial consultation? If so, give Evolution MedSpa Boston a call today, or alternatively book online. Our highly trained and well-respected doctors are waiting to meet you and to get you the amazing results that you deserve.