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What is CoolSculpting and where can I get CoolSculpting in Natick?

CoolSculpting is unlike any of the other fat-freezing treatments you may have heard about. Most other body sculpting cosmetic procedures require surgery or laser treatment, which causes damage to surrounding healthy tissue. CoolSculpting, on the other hand, is an innovative and FDA-approved fat reduction treatment which uses freezing temperatures to break down stubborn fat cells.

During the CoolSculpting procedure, intense cold is applied directly to the treatment areas using treatment paddles. The extreme cold temperatures cause tiny crystals to form within the targeted fat cells, resulting in cell death. The dead fat cells are then broken down and reabsorbed by the body before being naturally eliminated via the lymphatic system.

Are you having a hard time with fatty bulges that persist despite maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime? Then you are an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting treatment.

So, where in Natick can you go for your CoolSculpting treatment?

Like many cosmetic procedures, CoolSculpting results are very technique dependent. This is why it is very important to choose your CoolSculpting provider carefully. To achieve the very best results, choose a medical spa where your CoolSculpting treatment will be carried out by a highly experienced, board-certified doctor. It can be really useful to have a read through reviews from a doctor’s previous patients to get a good idea about the standard of care that you can expect to receive. A reputable MedSpa doctor will also have a comprehensive portfolio of before and after pictures for you to look through – as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words!

Evolution MedSpa Boston is one of the very best medical spas, providing CoolSculpting in Natick. Evolution’s presiding doctors, Dr. Eric Cappiello and Dr. Mariam Cappiello perform all cosmetic procedures themselves, always offering a patient-centered approach and displaying a kind and compassionate manner.

Coolsculpting provides a non-invasive way to sculpt and tone your body. Find out more about choosing a top Medical Spa for your CoolSculpting in Natick.

What areas of the body can be treated with CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting can help both men and women with specific areas of stubborn fat. This innovative treatment can be used to treat many areas of the body, including:

  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Back fat, often referred to as ‘bra fat’ in women
  • Upper arms
  • Inner thighs
  • Outer thighs

To be effective, CoolSculpting needs to be used on areas of the body where there is pinchable fat. 

Is CoolSculpting in Natick affordable?

Given the high cost of many cosmetic procedures, you may be wondering if CoolSculpting in Natick is really affordable. Well, the cost of your CoolSculpting treatment will depend upon the areas to be treated, the number of sessions required and your ultimate treatment goals.

When attending an initial consultation for CoolSculpting in Natick, your CoolSculpting doctor will be able to devise a tailored treatment plan to address your specific goals. He or she will then be able to provide you with an accurate value for the cost of your CoolSculpting treatment. Your doctor will also be able to discuss any available finance options with you.

Is CoolSculpting treatment safe?

As a non-invasive and non-surgical, FDA-cleared procedure, CoolSculpting is very safe. In fact, CoolSculpting is considered to be one of the safest fat reduction procedures currently available, with a low risk of adverse effects.

CoolSculpting is able to provide patients with exceptional results, without any pain or the need for any recovery time. With CoolSculpting treatment there are no incisions or anesthesia required, unlike with conventional surgical fat reduction treatments, such as liposuction.

While the risks associated with CoolSculpting are low, as with any cosmetic procedure, your treatment may cause some side effects, including:

  • Redness, swelling and bruising around the treated area
  • Tenderness or tingling
  • Numbness or loss of sensation
  • Heightened skin sensitivity
  • Localized pain

Side effects experienced after your treatment will typically be mild and temporary, resolving on their own within a couple of days after treatment.

More severe complications, for example, scarring or skin ulcers are very rare. Seeking treatment from a highly qualified and experienced doctor at a reputable medical spa will limit your risk of complications.

How long will it take to see results from my CoolSculpting treatment?

If you’ve scheduled your procedure for CoolSculpting in Natick, then you may be wondering when you should expect to see visible results. The amount of time that it takes to see a visible difference in your appearance can vary significantly between patients. The amount of stubborn fat being treated, a patient’s ultimate goals and their individual metabolism can all play a part in the speed at which CoolSculpting treatment works.

Most patients notice a visible effect on their appearance after about 3 weeks. However, optimum results of your CoolSculpting may take up to 3 to 4 months after treatment to develop. 

Are CoolSculpting results permanent?

Another common question from patients new to CoolSculpting is “how long will my results last for?” You will be pleased to learn that the results that you achieve with CoolSculpting treatment can be permanent. This is because the fat cells destroyed during CoolSculpting are eliminated from the body. However, it is important to remember that there are still other fat cells within your treated areas and these cells can expand, making you put on weight again. Therefore, to maintain your sculpted body long-term, it is vital that you adopt a healthy diet and exercise regime. 

Schedule an initial consultation with one of our leading Coolsculpting doctors today

If you are seeking CoolSculpting in Natick, then book an initial consultation at Evolution MedSpa Boston. Our Harvard-trained, board-certified doctors have extensive training and experience in providing CoolSculpting treatment. Dr. Eric Cappiello and Dr. Mariam Cappiello can offer you the highest standard of care, helping you to achieve the sculpted body that you’ve been dreaming about.