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Is CryoCorrect treatment worth it? Where can you find more information?

If you have stubborn dark spots or skin tags that are affecting your confidence, you may be wondering what is the best way of getting rid of them. During your research you may have come across CryoCorrect treatment and are keen to find out more about it, including whether or not it is worth it?

When looking for reliable information about cosmetic procedures, many patients turn to the online resource RealSelf to help them guide their decision by reading reviews from actual patients. RealSelf has real reviews on lots of cosmetic procedures as well as individual  treatment providers. As you may know, choosing a good doctor to perform your treatment is the only way to ensure that you get the best possible results.

As well as reading reviews online, you can ask individual treatment providers if you can have a look through their own portfolios and customer reviews to get a sense of the kind of results that they typically achieve.

 What do CryoCorrect RealSelf reviews have to say?

If you have a browse through the RealSelf website you will find RealSelf ‘Worth It’ ratings for the majority of cosmetic procedures. These ratings are based upon patient satisfaction ratings from RealSelf users who have undergone these treatments themselves and gone on to rate them as either ‘worth it’ or ‘not worth it’. At the moment there is no ‘RealSelf Worth It rating’ published on the RealSelf website for CryoCorrect treatment. This may well change very soon as this innovative treatment is becoming more popular every day.

What you will be able to find on the RealSelf website is a ‘Worth It’ rating for SkinCeuticals, the company that manufactures CryoCorrect, and this is 92%. Patients report that moisturizers, serums and sunscreens manufactured by SkinCeuticals are ‘worth it’ and produce ‘real and noticeable results’. This is a very positive sign that patients show a real trust in SkinCeuticals!

There are plenty more sources of CryoCorrect reviews online and even before and after pictures from actual patients, you only have to perform a quick internet search to find these! The overwhelming majority of these reviews are very positive, stating the amazing results that the treatment provides and showing that CryoCorrect is really worth it!

 Does freezing dark spots and skin tags really work?

So is cryotherapy (freezing) really an effective way of eliminating bothersome dark spots and skin tags? CryoCorrect has been clinically proven to remove dark spots and skin tags in a safe, precise and controlled manner. CryoCorrect treatment uses carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze your skin lesions at a milder temperature than alternative cryogens, such as nitrous oxide and liquid nitrogen. CO2 is gentler on the skin, cutting down your risk of scarring and leaving your surrounding skin intact.

 What should you expect during your CryoCorrect treatment?

CryoCorrect treatment is very quick and painless, requiring no downtime afterwards, It will take between 5 and 8 seconds for each of your skin lesions to be treated, doctors typically treat 1-10 lesions during each session.You can expect your treated area to darken in colour immediately after your treatment.

 What should you expect after your CryoCorrect treatment?

Around 3 to 5 days after your treatment, a scab will begin to form over your darkened skin lesion. After around 2 to 3 weeks, this scab will naturally slough off, leaving healthy, normal skin underneath. Lots of patients achieve their desired results after only one CryoCorrect session, although if you have larger or more problematic lesions you may require further treatments.

 Your treatment provider may recommend some skincare products for you to use at home after your procedure, to help with the healing of your skin and to maximise your results. SkinCeuticals produces a range of skincare products designed to complement CryoCorrect treatment. These include Phloretin CF® and Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50 and are available to purchase at most MedSpas as well as dermatologists and plastic surgeons offices.

After your treatment it is important to stay out of the sun and to avoid picking at any scabs that develop. While it may be tempting to try and remove your scab quickly, this can increase your risk of scarring, so it is best to leave well alone!

Does CryoCorrect treatment hurt?

CryoCorrect is a pain free and completely non-invasive way of removing your troublesome skin lesions. The use of CO2, and its lower freezing temperature, ensures that any discomfort that you do experience during your treatment is mild. You may experience some slight redness or tingling for a few days after your treatment, but if you do this is likely to be mild and short-lived.

Choosing a doctor: finding CryoCorrect treatment near me

You may have spent days scrolling through information online about local cosmetic surgeries, trying to find the right CryoCorrect treatment provider for you. Choosing a reputable doctor is important to ensure that you get the quality results that you deserve!

If you are located around the Boston Metro or Natick area, then Boston’s top Medical Spa is on your doorstep! Evolution MedSpa Boston’s Harvard trained cosmetic specialists are highly experienced at CryoCorrect and are ready to help you achieve a smoother complexion!

Scheduling an appointment for an initial consultation is very important so that you have the opportunity to chat with your doctor and find out if CryoCorrect is the right choice for you. Give the team at Evolution MedSpa a call today, or book online, and you will discover that CryoCorrect definitely is worth it!