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Are you looking for top-quality cosmetic treatment? You can book an appointment with the most reputed MedSpa Specialist in Boston right away. If you need reassurance, though, read on below to find out the five most important things you need to consider while choosing a MedSpa specialist in Boston.

1. Training and experience

Since MedSpas specialize in non-invasive procedures, you need not necessarily need to look out for plastic surgeons to treat you. However, you must remember that most cosmetic traetments are actually medical grade procedures, and at the very least, your treatment must be overseen by a medical professional, who is a trained cosmetic specialist. There are MedSpas that use cosmeticians or registered nurses to perform cosmetic treatments – this is not only unsafe, it also goes against regal regulations. You have the right to insist on at least an initial consultation with an esthetic medicine specialist.

Your Medspa physician must also have the right qualifications! Check out your Medspa specialist’s credentials and the institution they trained at. Board certification confers a badge of merit to the doctor, and training at a top institution usually indicated that they have acquired enough training and skill in their specialty. 

Choosing the right Medspa specialist can make a huge difference in the quality of cosmetic treatment that you receive. Before you choose a MedSpa specialist in Boston, make sure you take these five important factors into account.

2. Consulting at an exclusive MedSpa

Ideally, your MedSpa specialist should offer you a consultation in an exclusive MedSpa. A Medspa is a place where you can avail high-quality cosmetic procedures. This is essentially a hybrid between a standard day spa and a cosmetic clinic – taking positive qualities out of both. Unlike a day spa, your treatment process will be overseen by trained esthetic physicians, which increases both the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. On the other hand, a cosmetic surgery clinic may place more focus on invasive procedures, taking away budget and resources from MedSpa procedures, which are usually non-invasive.

3. Specializes in treatments that suits your needs

How many different ways are out there to make a person look better? The truth is, the answer depends on your individual self. Some of us just want to make those acne scars – the bane of our teenage years – go away. Some of us want to erase those fine lines or wrinkles that remind us that we are not as young as we used to be. And some of us may be perfectly happy with our faces, but wish we could trim the flab off our tummy. Each of these require separate treatments – and not all MedSpas offer all the treatment options. So be sure to do your research beforehand, and find out what treatment areas your MedSpa specialist focuses on.

4. Recognizes your goals and tailors treatment

It isn’t just enough for the MedSpa specialist to know the right kind of treatment; it is equally important that they understand your treatment goals and expectations. Some cosmetic professionals may adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which may not render the best results for every patient. Choose a Medspa specialist who takes the time to listen to your treatment goals and expectations; this will greatly influence the kind of treatment chosen for you.

5. Has a visible online presence

This might not seem like a significant consideration at first. How can having an online presence affect your quality of treatment? Well, there are several reasons you should look for a medspa specialist with an online presence. The most important reason is transparency. You will be able to find out all about your doctor’s qualifications, training and areas of expertise. Some Medspas will even post the cost of treatment online. You can also look at the before-after pictures of treatment – this will give you a realistic picture of treatment outcomes.   

Evolution Medspa – your answer to the state of the art Spa treatments in Natwick, Boston.

At Evolution MedSpa, you will find that our specialists meet all the above criteria. Our MedSpa specialists are Harvard-trained, board-certified cosmetic specialists. You will find that they are friendly and approachable, and take the time to foster deep relationships with our clients to understand their needs better.

  • Dr. Eric Cappiello: Dr. Eric is the founder of Evolution MedSpa. A highly experienced cosmetic specialist, he focuses on delivering customized anti-ageing regimens to all our clients.
  • Dr. Mary Cappiello: The medical director at Evolution MedSpa, Dr. Mary’s ultimate goal is to help patients feel good about the way they look – through facial rejuvenation and body sculpting procedures.

Evolution MedSpa provides cutting edge cosmetic treatments to men and women of all ages. Our range of cosmetic treatments include the following:

  • Facial rejuvenation treatments: Procedures such as microneedling, dermaplaning and chemical peels can help erase acne scars, reduce pore size and smoothen fine lines.
  • Advanced anti-ageing treatments: A combination of services including dermal fillers, botox treatment and sclerotherapy can help your skin look younger than before!
  • Body sculpting procedures: The MedSpa’s non-invasive answer to liposuction, you can get spot fat reduction with CoolSculpting, and achieve that sharp jawline with Kybella treatment!

If you have any enquiries about our spa services, you can call the office at 617-915-2055, or simply fill out this quick form online.